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Nail Care & CMP Services


Discover the epitome of nail care at Etoile Salon. Our certified and trained nail technicians, dedicated to the highest standards of sanitation and disinfection, ensure an unforgettable experience. Embracing wellness, we exclusively employ hypoallergenic, vegan spa and nail products, offering a variety of treatments with anti-aging and hydrating benefits. Finish your manicure with a choice of gel polish, regular nail lacquer, or the innovative Dazzle Dry system. To maintain a pristine environment, we abstain from acrylic products and dipping powder systems. Rest assured, our use of LED lights for gel curing eliminates UV exposure, prioritizing your health and comfort.

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Indulge your feet in luxury with our transformative Pedicure Services. Experience a variety of hydrating and moisturizing spa treatments designed to benefit different skin conditions, followed by a soothing foot massage and finished with your choice of polish. Our best-selling Urea 10% by LCN specifically targets dry and cracked heels, formulated with natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients for effective treatment. Additionally, we proudly offer the Wellness Pedicure by Footlogix®, the world’s first Pediceutical® foot care line, delivering transformative results for various skin and foot conditions, especially recommended for diabetic clients. For those with specific foot and nail concerns, consider upgrading to our CMP Pedicure service. Rest assured, our commitment to hygiene is unwavering—we provide disposable bath liners for each client and adhere to the highest standards of sanitation and disinfection. Treat your feet to the care they deserve at our salon.

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Nail Treatments

Introducing IBX System

IBX is a natural nail strengthening system crafted to Toughen, Repair, and Protect the natural nail. Unlike traditional treatments, IBX works from within the nail, penetrating the upper layers and forming an Interpenetrating Polymer Network for unparalleled effectiveness.

Uses of IBX:

- Under Gel Polish: IBX Protects, Repairs, and Strengthens the nail.

- Natural Nail Growth Treatment: IBX repairs and internally toughens natural nails.

- New Growth Area Treatment: Applied before rebalancing gel or acrylic enhancements.

Natural Nail Boost Gel

Strengthen, Protect, and Grow with Natural Nail Boost Gel (NNBG), a solvent-resistant permanent base coat designed to fortify the natural nail and promote beautiful, strong growth. Functioning as a protective shield, NNBG smooths grooves and irregularities in the nail surface, providing an ideal base for polish application.

Results of NNBG:

- Flexible and strong nails with a smoother, more even appearance.

- Regeneration of the nail plate during application.

- Prevention of polish staining, even with dark colors, thanks to the thin layer of NNBG.

- Nails appear clear, vibrant, and glossy, enhancing their natural beauty.

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Nail Enhancements

At Etoile, we prioritize using non-acrylate products for nail enhancements and extensions. That's why we proudly offer LCN’s 100% acrylic-free gel resins—a revolutionary line of light-cured products designed to seal, correct, lengthen, and beautify fingernails. Originating from the dental industry and the first of its kind in Europe, this system introduced a non-acrylic alternative to traditional nail cosmetics, delivering longer-lasting and exceptionally beautiful results while keeping natural nails at their healthiest.


LCN gel resins are non-porous, solvent-free, non-toxic, non-yellowing, hypoallergenic, and biocompatible. They ensure world-class European beauty, suitable for nails of any length and type, boasting thin, natural, and durable qualities. We offer a variety of LCN resins tailored to each client's unique nail and lifestyle needs, and our highly trained nail techs will ensure your satisfaction. 

Certified Master Pedicure Services

BS Brace for Ingrown Toenail

Perfect for you if you have excessively curved toenails that are painful and sensitive to the touch from:

  • Narrow fitting toe pinching shoes

  • Involuted, pincer, or ram horn nails

  • Toenails prone to having ingrown issues 

Nail Bracing is a corrective technique that eliminates and reduces excessive pressure at the lateral nail edge. Bracing allows the nail to return to its original shape, but depending on the severity of the curvature, it can take a couple to several braces to fix the problem.

30-60 min                                                                 $50-110

Cosmetic Toenail Reconstruction

The beauty industry's only pedicure-specific light curing one component resin, BAREFOOT is a means to restore the toenail partially or completely while providing an attractive cosmetic result. It is still flexible after curing and adjusts to the movement of the nails and feet - completely comfortable and natural.

30 min                                                            from $45

Corn/Callus/Toenail Reduction with E-file

Certified Master Pedicure®

Foot corn reduction/removal services are provided by our CMPs to address corns, which are areas of thickened skin that develop on the feet due to excessive pressure or friction. Toenail reduction with an e-file service is a procedure to address overgrown or thickened toenails. An e-file, short for electric file, is a handheld tool that uses rotary motion and various attachments to trim and shape toenails efficiently.

Our CMP Nail Techs (Certified Master Pedicurist) offer specialty pedicure service to clients who are diabetic, or have issues with their toenails and feet. This service includes:
- consultation based on the intake form
- toenail reduction (with e-file)
- corn reduction/removal (with e-file)
- reduce thick callus, foot fissures (with e-file)

30 min                                                                           $30

90 min                                                            from $120

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